Gite in Plaisians - Drome Provencale

The Honey House

I practice my craft in nature, and the honeys we eat at breakfast are the work of the bees. The profession of beekeeper is first and foremost the story of a passion - whether one does it for pleasure, or as a profession. it is an exciting and fascinating craft. It is a passion I have had ever since I was a child, and it is now my chosen profession. I make and transhume the hives regularly in order to provide a variety of fragrances and flavours.

It is important we remember that bees are indispensable to us.

Once you have crossed the river Clue, when visiting Plaisians, facing the ‘Giant of Provence’, as we call the Mont Ventoux, I will be delighted to show you round my miellerie from June to September, and show you how the honey is extracted from the hives, and offer my produce to sample. Telephone: (+33) 06 65 46 07 76.